dwg: It means a drawing file save format created by AutoCAD, and now has been the standard format of 2D CAD file.

docx: used by Microsoft Office 2007 version or above, and replacing the previous proprietary default doc file format with a new XML-based compressed file format.

Are you often distressed by having no idea of how to import the dwg files into Trados for translation in your daily work? Excitingly, Mars Translation can help you solve the problem. Next, we will introduce how to convert a DWG file to a Word file through the Mars Translation platform online.

Need Translation Services?

Step 1:

Click here to open the AutoCAD File Converter page of Mars Translation.


Step 2:

Select the tab of Convert DWG/DXF to Word, TXT, XML, and the correct dwg file version.


Step 3:

Upload your file.

Method 1:

Choose a Local File stored in your computer.

Method 2:

Download from the specified direct file link, such as:


Note: You can only choose one from the two methods at a time to upload your dwg file.


Step 4:

Select the output format as Word.

Specific Layers, non-required. If you fill in this parameter value, you can export the text in the specified layer of the dwg file.


Step 5:

Leave your e-mail address to the Mars Translation server for handling.


We will send the converted file to you by e-mail, please check it timely.

Friend’s Email, non-required If you fill in this parameter value, your friend will also receive our notice by e-mail.


Now, let’s have a look at the actual conversion effect.


Note: The Word file is waiting to be verified in other CAT software other than SDL Trados 2007, SDL Trados 2014 and SDL Trados 2015.

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